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Week Six - Travel

Friday - Art

Today is our arts and crafts day and all our students are creating images of transport. KS1 are also looking at and using shapes; KS2 are drawing reflections; KS3 and KS4 are experimenting with colour.

Thursday - English

KS1 students are writing postcards. KS2 and 3 students are writing holiday reviews and KS4 students are writing travel guide entries.

Wednesday -  Maths

KS1 and 2 are working on co-ordinates. KS3 are working on bearings and KS4 work is on vectors. All work is linked to maps to keep with our travelling theme.

Tuesday - Humanities

Today is our humanities day and we are looking specifically at geography. KS1 and 2 students are looking at continents and oceans. KS3 and 4 students are working on settlements including what different settlements are, their purposes and their locations.

Monday - Science

KS1-3 are looking at explorers and KS4 are working on hydrogen fuel cells which are used in electric cars.

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