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Week Two - Space

Monday - Science
Each key stage will be learning facts about the solar system. 

Tuesday - English

KS1 students are working on their phonics skills and knowledge of real words. KS2 Will be looking at an extract and creating their own alien. KS3 will be analysing an extract and KS4 will be writing a description. 

Wednesday -  Maths

We have some very exciting tasks for KS2 in creating a scaled drawing of the solar system. KS3 is working on standard form for the sizes of planets and also on scaled drawings. KS4 is calculating with standard form for the sizes of the planets and finding the density of the planets.

Thursday - Humanities

KS1 students are training to be astronauts with our astronaut exercises. KS2 students are reading about the effects on the human body of space travel. KS3 and 4 students have the same tasks today. They are also researching the effects of space travel on the human body and creating a leaflet on this and/or designing a sustainable space commune on the moon or Mars.

Friday - Art

Instead of releasing separate activities for each key stage we have done a list of 5 space themed arts and crafts for children to choose from. You could choose one for a family and all work on it together.

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