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Primary School (KS1 and KS2)


Skills and knowledge throughout KS1 and 2 are the foundations for any further education. Perfect Plus Tutoring offers tuition for English and Maths at KS1 and KS2.

General tutoring for KS1 and 2 can work in several ways dependent on your needs this can be discussed with you at the beginning of the course.

Help with Homework

Time could be spent working on homework or work suggested by the school. In areas of the homework that the child finds difficult, extra work or practice on the challenging area could be worked through.

Extra Practice

The best method is to attempt to work with the school to go over concepts that they are covering in class, particularly if he/she is finding this difficult. Alternatively, it could mean working through particular areas that your child has struggled with previously. This does generally need some good communication from the school particularly if the tutoring is to enhance or help the school's curriculum. Sometimes students are able to talk about what they have been doing in school but this is not always the truest representation, and can be misinterpreted.

Working through the Curriculum

Tutoring time could be spent going through the curriculum separate to school. This could be areas flagged up in the initial assessment taken at the first session or areas that your child admits to finding difficult. All areas of the curriculum can be worked through and challenges can be offered to push students in areas that they know well. For Maths, this could mean looking through each unit of the curriculum and practising questions to revise and challenges to progress learning. In English, this may include excersises to practice different areas of grammar, punctuation or spelling, reading comprehension of varying levels, and practising different styles of writing.

Exam Preparation

The Key Stage 1 SATs are sat at the end of year 2 and the Key Stage 2 SATs are sat at the end of year 6. Although these are mainly for the schools benefit, the results can affect a child in the future. Particularly the KS2 SATs which can form the basis of any initial groups/sets at secondary school. Exam preparation for these includes carefully going over areas of the curriculum that will be tested and going through exam papers.

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