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Week Five - Environment

Monday - Science

This week we are looking at the environment and how to be environmentally friendly. Today we are looking at Science. KS1 are looking at compost, KS2 are looking at plants and how they adapt to the environment. KS3 is looking at acid rain and KS4 are looking at greenhouse gases and global warming.

Thursday - English

Today we are working on English. KS1 are writing about why we should not litter on beaches. KS2 are doing a non fiction comprehension. KS3 are writing a newspaper article and KS4 are doing unseen poetry analysis.

Wednesday -  Maths

KS1 students are looking at weight. They are comparing the weight of different animals and then weighing animal toys. KS2 students are working on data collection and charts. KS3 and 4 are working on interpreting and reading graphs and statistics.

Tuesday - Humanities

All key stages are looking at and researching endangered animals.

Friday - Art

Make a poster or collage about the environment. Bonus for using "rubbish" such as wrappers and bottle caps to create a mixed media piece. 

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