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Week One - Food Glorious Food

Thursday - English

S1 students will be looking at verbs to do with cooking and using these to create their own recipes. KS2 students will be looking at an extract about food and then planning and writing their own description of a feast. KS3 will be analysing an extract. KS4 will be answering GCSE Language style questions on an extract.

Wednesday -  Maths

KS1 are working on money problems. KS2 a mixture of past SATs Money problems and proportion questions. KS3 and KS4 are working on Proportion and ratios. All questions are in keeping with our food theme. Please note: depending where your child is in the key stage they may or may not be able to answer all the questions.

Tuesday - Humanities

In all key stages we are looking at rationing. In KS3 and 4 it will include the evaluation of sources and analysing propaganda posters. The activity for KS1 children involves cooking a wartime cake, please consider this before printing.

Monday - Science

KS1 and 2 students have work on the different types of food and what makes a healthy diet.KS3 and KS4 students have work on the digestive system including exam style questions for KS4.​​​​

Friday - Art

KS1 children are colouring in posters. KS2 are drawing fruit trees and KS3 and 4 re working on their still life drawings.

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