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Personalised Homework Programme

Do you feel that your child's school does not give adequate homework? Perhaps you think that tasks are minimal and do not challenge your child? Have you noticed that feedback on school homework is often minimal or even non-existent? We have.

In our experience, school homework is often unfulfilling, pulled together by teachers at the last minute or just thoughtlessly printed. We have seen schools set homework that bears little relation to what students are doing at school, or even mixed maths problems which include areas the children have not even learnt yet! Homework tends to be marked but not explained or with no feedback to learn from and improve. The emphasis of homework tends to be on spellings and times tables with an extra bit of maths occasionally included. But what about comprehension and writing?

At Perfect Plus we intend to combat this by setting weekly, independent tasks of Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Mathematics. These are submitted weekly and marked by one of our tutors. As this is done online, through email, anyone anywhere can participate in this program in their own time.

What does the homework include?

The homework focusses on three main areas of learning: reading, writing and maths. With each task designed to take around 20/30 minutes (although this may vary from student to student).

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Reading Task. This will include a variety of genres and styles, including non-fiction, and will include questions on retrieving information, making inferences, understanding language and word meanings, and developing ideas about the text. It is recommended that this is undertaken before the writing task as it may be an example of the writing genre or lead on to the writing task.

Writing Task. Your child will spend a couple of weeks (2/3 writing tasks) on a particular style or genre of writing (e.g. biography, myths and legends, persuasive letter etc.), allowing your child to make improvements in that style before moving to an alternative genre. After the work is marked, each child is set three targets to implement in their next piece of writing.

Maths. Maths homework will be organised into 4 week blocks. The first homework of each block will be a mixture of questions from a variety of maths topics and areas covered in your child's year group. (do not worry if your child has not covered all of the areas in this task). Answers from this enable tutors to assess appropriate homework for your child's needs. Homework over the following three weeks will cover areas that your child struggled with in the initial task. For this reason it is important to allow your child to complete the Math Mixes independently although support can be given on other work. Student's who have a thorough grasp of the math topics for their year group will be given extension work and problems to stretch their learning. Incorrect answers will always be marked with the full method.

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