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Week Four - Superheroes

Tuesday - Humanities

This is our humanities day. Today all key stages are looking at what constitutes a hero and real life heroes.

Monday - Science

Here are some science experiments to explain some superhuman powers. These experiments can be attempted by all Key stages. Most of the equipment necessary can be found in your home.

Wednesday -  Maths

KS1 are using addition and subtraction to break evil Doctor Braniac's secret code. KS2 are helping Catwoman convert between different measurements. KS3 are working on algebra starting with a problem made up of superhero symbols. KS4 are doing transformations of Spiderman's face.

Thursday - English

Today we are working on English. KS1 are doing a comprehension. KS2 and KS3 are creating their own comic strips and KS4 are answering questions about a newspaper article.

Friday - Art

Design a Superhero - what would they look like and what would their powers be? Advanced students could create a short comic strip with their hero!

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