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Week Three - Horses

Monday - Science

KS1 and 2 students will be looking at the parts of a horse. KS3 will be learning about different bones and evolution. KS4 students will be learning about genetics and selective breeding.

Tuesday - Humanities

We are using the theme of horses to look at Geography and History. KS1 have got questions about horses and a word search. KS2 is about horses from around the world and facts about those countries. KS3 is working on History and Alexander the Great. KS4 is learning about the history of horses and creating a timeline.

Wednesday -  Maths

KS1 are using pictograms, KS2 are working on area and perimeter. KS3 and 4 are looking at probability.

Thursday - English

KS1 will be looking at adjectives and describing a horse. KS2 will be doing a piece of comprehension from the book Black Beauty. KS3 will be answering analytical questions on language and structure from an extract from Black Beauty. KS4 will be answering GCSE style questions about an extract from War Horse.

Friday - Art

To end our horse themed week we have are arts and crafts day. KS1 and 2 are building a stable out of any items they can find at home. This may be lego or recyclable objects (or even some other material) KS3 and 4 students are either creating an informative poster about horses or drawing a detailed picture of a horse head or hoof.

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