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As a result of schools closing during the Covid outbreak, we produced a range of lessons for parents to use covering a range of subjects across the week. We have chosen to keep these resources available for parents and students to use, should they so wish. 

Each week has a series of activities with an overarching theme. Within this theme we cover maths, English, humanities, science and creativity across separate key stages. Each activity is designed to last approximately an hour lesson but this will vary by child.

These are planned generally across a key stage so may not be suitable for all children, you may wish to look at the activities for other key stages too. Hopefully these will be of use to you.

We are happy to mark this work for a small fee. Please email us for more information on this service.

Week 1 - Food Glorious Food

Week 2 - Space

Week 3 - Horses

Week 4 - Superheroes

Week 5 - Environment

Week 6 - Travel

Week 7 - Alchemy

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