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In the outbreak of the Corona Virus Crisis, many parents are faced with the reality of supporting their children's learning at home. I am publishing a range of resources to help families cope with this.

Each week I am creating a series of activities with an overarching theme. Within this theme I will upload resources each day covering maths, english, humanities, science and creativity on the weekly topic area. There will be posts each day for each key stage. These will not keep your children busy all day but are designed around an hour lesson but this will vary by child.

These are planned generally across a key stage so may not be suitable for all children, you may wish to look at the activities for other key stages too. Hopefully these will be of use to you.

We are happy to mark this work for a small fee. Please email us for more information on this service.

Week 1 - Food Glorious Food

Monday's work focuses on science and a healthy diet. KS1 and 2 students have work on the different types of food and what makes a healthy diet. KS3 and KS4 students have work on the digestive system including exam style questions for KS4.

It's Tuesday and this is a humanities day. In all key stages we are looking at rationing. In KS3 and 4 it will include the evaluation of sources and analysing propaganda posters. The activity for KS1 children involves cooking a wartime cake, please consider this before printing.

Wednesday - Today's work is maths based. KS1 are working on money problems. KS2 a mixture of past SATs Money problems and proportion questions. KS3 and KS4 are working on Proportion and ratios. All questions are in keeping with our food theme. Please note: depending where your child is in the key stage they may or may not be able to answer all the questions.

Thursday - Today we are focussed on English. KS1 students will be looking at verbs to do with cooking and using these to create their own recipes. KS2 students will be looking at an extract about food and then planning and writing their own description of a feast. KS3 will be analysing an extract. KS4 will be answering GCSE Language style questions on an extract.

Friday - to finish our week on food we are doing food related art. KS1 children are colouring in posters. KS2 are drawing fruit trees and KS3 and 4 re working on their still life drawings.

Week 2

This week we are focussing on the theme of Space. we are starting the week with Science based work.

Today we are focussed on English. KS1 students are working on their phonics skills and knowledge of real words. KS2 will be looking at an extract and creating their own alien. KS3 will be analysing an extract and KS4 will be writing a description.

It is Wednesday today and this is our maths day. We have some very exciting tasks for KS2 in creating a scaled drawing of the solar system. KS3 is working on standard form for the sizes of planets and also on scaled drawings. KS4 is calculating with standard form for the sizes of the planets and finding the density of the planets.

Today is our humanities and other subjects day. KS1 students are training to be astronauts with our astronaut exercises. KS2 students are reading about the effects on the human body of space travel. KS3 and 4 students have the same tasks today. They are also researching the effects of space travel on the human body and creating a leaflet on this and/or designing a sustainable space commune on the moon or Mars.

Friday is our arts and crafts day. Instead of releasing separate activities for each key stage I have done a list of 5 space themed arts and crafts for children to choose from. You could choose one for a family and all work on it together.

Week 3

This week we are focussing on the world of horses, which works particularly well for our science day today. KS1 and 2 students will be looking at the parts of a horse. KS3 will be learning about different bones and evolution. KS4 students will be learning about genetics and selective breeding.

Tuesday is our humanities day. We are using the theme of horses to look at Geography and History. KS1 have got questions about horses and a word search. KS2 is about horses from around the world and facts about those countries. KS3 is working on History and Alexander the Great. KS4 is learning about the history of horses and creating a timeline.

Wednesday - In today's maths resources KS1 are using pictograms, KS2 are working on area and perimeter and KS3 and 4 are looking at probability.

Thursday - In our english sessions today, KS1 will be looking at adjectives and describing a horse. KS2 will be doing a piece of comprehension from the book Black Beauty. KS3 will be answering analytical questions on language and structure from an extract from Black Beauty. KS4 will be answering GCSE style questions about an extract from War Horse.

Friday - To end our horse themed week we have are arts and crafts day. KS 1 and 2 are building a stable out of any items they can find at home. This may be lego or recyclable objects (or even some other material) KS3 and 4 students are either creating an informative poster about horses or drawing a detialed picture of a horse head or hoof.

Week 4

This week we are focussing on Superheroes. Today is looking at science. Here are some science experiments to explain some superhuman powers. These experiments can be attempted by all Key stages. Most of the equipment necessary can be found in your home.

Tuesday - This is our humanities day. Today all key stages are looking at what constitutes a hero and real life heroes.

Thursday - We apologise that we did not get any sheets out yesterday but we were having some connectivity issues and so could not get them ready. So today are the delayed maths resources. KS1 are using addition and subtraction to break evil Doctor Braniac's secret code. KS2 are helping Catwoman convert between different measurements. KS3 are working on algebra starting with a problem made up of superhero symbols. KS4 are doing transformations of Spidermans face.

Friday - It is the final day in our superhero lessons. Today we are working on English. KS1 are doing a comprehension. KS2 and KS3 are creating their own comic strips and KS4 are answering questions about a newspaper article.

Week 5

This week we are looking at the environment and how to be environemntally friendly. Today we are looking at Science. KS1 are looking at compost, KS2 are looking at plants and how they adapt to the environemtn. KS3 is looking at acid rain and KS4 are looking at greenhouse gases and global warming.

Tuesday - today is our humanities day. All key stages are looking at and researching endangered animals.

Wednesday - Maths! Today KS1 students are looking at weight. They are comparing the weight of different animals and then weighing animal toys. KS2 students are working on data collection and charts. KS3 and 4 are working on interpreting and reading graphs and statistics.

Thursday - This is our final piece of work for this week as tomorrow is a bank holiday. Today we are working on English. KS1 are writing about why we should not litter on beaches. KS2 are doing a non fiction comprehension. KS3 are writing a newspaper article and KS4 are doing unseen poetry analysis.

Week 6

This week we are looking at travel. Today is our science day. KS 1-3 are looking at explorers and KS4 are working on hydrogen fuel cells which are used in electric cars.

Tuesday - Today is our humanities day and we are looking specifically at geography. KS1 and 2 students are looking at continents and oceans. KS3 and 4 students are working on settlements including what different settlements are, their purposes and their locations.

Wednesday - Today is our maths day. KS1 and 2 are working on co-ordinates. KS3 are working on bearings and KS4 work is on vectors. All work is linked to maps to keep with our travelling theme.

Thursday - Today is our English day. KS1 students are writing postcards. KS2 and 3 students are writing holiday reviews and KS4 students are writing travel guide entries.

Friday - Today is our arts and crafts day and all our students are creating images of transport. KS1 are also looking at and using shapes; KS2 are drawing reflections; KS4 are experimenting with colour.

Week 7

This week our theme is Alchemy. Today is our science day with all areas focusing on chemistry. KS1 are learning about solids, liquids and gases. KS2 are looking at the symbols on a periodic table. KS3 are learning about chemical reactions. KS4 are looking at the equations for chemical reactions.

Tuesday - Our theme of Alchemy continues today with KS2, 3 and 4 looking at historical artefacts about alchemy. KS1 students are looking at other myths by researching the origins of mythological creatures.

Wednesday - Today is our maths day. We are looking at the maths and magic today. KS1 students are measuring liquids and adding quantities to make potions KS2 and KS3 are solving magic squares using positive and negative numbers. KS4 are doing a maths investigation based on a card magic trick.

Thursday is our english day. KS1 and KS4 are writing stories based on a picture. KS2 are doing comprehension on a short film extract and KS3 are extracting explicit and implicit information from a text.

Friday - Today is our art day so we are looking for fun creativity to end the week. KS1 and 2  students are creating their own mythical creatures. KS3 and 4 are creating magicly moving flip books and thaumatropes.

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