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Week Seven - Alchemy

Tuesday - Humanities

Our theme of Alchemy continues today with KS2, 3 and 4 looking at historical artefacts about alchemy. KS1 students are looking at other myths by researching the origins of mythological creatures.

Wednesday -  Maths

We are looking at the maths and magic today. KS1 students are measuring liquids and adding quantities to make potions KS2 and KS3 are solving magic squares using positive and negative numbers. KS4 are doing a maths investigation based on a card magic trick.

Thursday - English

KS1 and KS4 are writing stories based on a picture. KS2 are doing comprehension on a short film extract and KS3 are extracting explicit and implicit information from a text.

Friday - Art

KS1 and 2  students are creating their own mythical creatures. KS3 and 4 are creating magically moving flip books and thaumatropes.

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