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What's the PLUS?

At Perfect Plus Tutoring we strive to ensure each student experiences individualised care to help them access the best resources and methods for their learning needs. This means going beyond a set curriculum. We believe tutoring is much more than teaching or exam coaching and as such we embed our core principles in the heart of all we do... and that is the PLUS!

Personalised, Learner focused, Unique, Supportive

Personalised - Each student is offered a free introductory session in which we take time to get to know their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, academic performance and about their personality. Our tutors use friendly conversation and short skills tests to complete a thorough diagnostic assessment to help create a picture. This means that from the beginning we can work on the skills and topics that will make the most impact for that individual.

Learner focused - Most of our services are provided on a one to one basis so that we can focus our entire session on the needs of the individual. We care about more than getting questions right, we want to make sure they truly understand and develop the skills necessary to progress and so learning tasks are often shaped to facilitate the discovery of patterns, rules or techniques so that they create a more lasting impression. We also use activities that allow us to cover different topics in short bursts to allow repetition over the course of a number of sessions so information and skills are embedded in the student's longer term memory. Through the employment of a range of multisensory learning activities, different learning styles are catered for. This ensures that there is always something to suit our learner. Group lessons are kept small, too, in order to maintain the integrity and quality of the learning experience and so that each student can receive the tutor's attention.

Unique - There are many reasons Perfect Plus Tutoring is unique. One is that our students are viewed as individuals. We are on first name terms with all students, parents and our tutors as we embrace them as individuals. Along with a commitment to seek out modern and cutting edge resources and tools to facilitate our teaching methods, we produce our own stock of materials and exercises which means we can guarantee access to questions and information that cannot be found anywhere else. Perfect Plus also produces there own tutorial videos, available on our social media and to our students directly.

Supportive - Students and their parents have direct contact details for their tutor and also the management team so that there is always someone available to answer any queries and provide additional information. Tutors will go out of their way to ensure a student's query is addressed and to make their experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Online sessions are supported by the leasing of stylus equipment to enable students to write on a virtual whiteboard and face to face sessions are provided in the comfort of the student's home. During periods of high risk of infection (such as covid transmission) tutors will wear face masks, use sanitiser and take whatever precautions are deemed necessary. If there are any specific needs within your household for our team to take additional precautions this will be catered for in an understanding manner. Our tutors also check in with each student to ensure their mental and emotional welfare is being catered for during our sessions. We take our duty of care to young people very seriously which is why only experienced and DBS checked individuals are employed and we have an "open door" policy in that every session is conducted in a suitable environment where the parent is free to join or supervise to whichever extent they prefer. Further materials and homework are provided either directly in paper or by email and at the completion of each month invoices are provided with a complete log with details of the subjects and matters covered in each session.

We are always striving to improve the services we can offer, the quality of our materials and the support available to our students for example through the creation of The Reading Club, Homework Programs and more. It is this commitment that makes us proud to strive for Perfection and what gives us a PLUS in tutoring your child.


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